The NFT wave is coming, Bridgewater founder Dalio: I want to buy NFT

By    5 Jan,2022

Recently, Dario, the founder of Bridgewater Fund, said on Lex Fridman's podcast that the NFT wave is coming and that he wants to buy some NFTs (non-homogenized tokens).


NFT came into the public eye in 2021 and Dario noticed the trend. While the billionaire investor hasn't bought any NFTs yet, he showed enough curiosity about the thing in his podcast.

He believes NFT has a good chance of becoming a separate type of currency.

According to market research firm Chainalysis, the NFT market has already reached at least $26.9 billion in 2021, or about RMB 170 billion. At the same time, NFT has surpassed "crypto" and "bitcoin" in Google's global search volume.



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