VanEck expands its encrypted ETP offering with LUNA

By    11 Apr,2022

VanEck's Director of Crypto, Gabor Gurbacs, announced the launch of a new Terra-based ETP in the EU on Twitter.


VanEck's ETP product portfolio now includes LUNA.

He announced on Twitter that LUNA has been introduced to VanEck's exchange-traded product line and that MV Index Solutions offers the index on which the new ETP is based. He also congratulated the Terra team and Terra co-founder Do Kwon.

MV Index Solutions provided VanEck with the Bitcoin ETN using its MVIS CryptoCompare Bitcoin VWAP licensing index (MVBTCV) two years before launching the fund.

VanEck is the world's largest investor management firm with over $60 billion in crypto assets under management and operates multiple crypto ETPs. the business applied for the exchange traded fund to track the performance of the global digital asset mining index in December 2021.



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