Coinbase is using Coinbase cards to eliminate transaction fees for "all cryptocurrency expenses"

By    13 Apr,2022

Coinbase has revealed new information about its crypto debit card enhancements.


Coinbase published a blog post about the Coinbase Card on October 28, 2020. Customers in the United States can join the queue for the Coinbase Card, a visa debit card that allows "cryptocurrency for online and in-store payments and purchases, as well as ATM cash withdrawals.

Coinbase stated at the time that the Coinbase Card offers the following benefits.

"Use cryptocurrencies everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted worldwide."

The potential to "earn up to 4% crypto rewards" (customers can initially earn up to 4% in bitcoin rewards)

"Choose to earn 4% stellar lumens (XLM) or 1% bitcoin (BTC)" "Seamless card management" using the Coinbase app

While Coinbase cards were initially offered to "customers in more than 30 countries," the rewards program was initially available only to consumers in the United States.




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