Opera Crypto Browser is now available for iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad

By    19 Apr,2022

Opera has released a beta version of its Web3 browser for iOS devices, including iPhone and iPad, with an integrated crypto wallet. Since January, Opera's Crypto Browser has been available for Mac and Windows desktop users as well as Android mobile users. The mobile version is the latest phase of the company's Crypto Browser project, which focuses on Web3 and aims to make navigation of decentralized applications (DApps), games and meta-boundary platforms easier.


Key features include Opera Wallet, which supports the Ether, Polygon and Celo ecosystems to buy, sell and transfer tokens, according to the company. Users can also use the native Opera Wallet to restore any Ether Virtual Machine (EVM)-compliant wallet and combine their current assets and balances.

Users can see the latest top NFT sales on the browser's homepage, as well as a news aggregator called "Crypto Corner" that includes real-time information on crypto asset prices and gas fees, as well as an educational site with airdrops and advice.




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