EXMO.com has stopped serving customers in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan

By    20 Apr,2022

Cryptocurrency trading service provider EXMO.com revealed today that it has exited Russia and Belarus. The company has chosen to divest its cryptocurrency operations in Russia and Belarus. According to the crypto business, serving Russian and Belarusian customers will prohibit EXMO.com from "maximizing its strengths.


Customers from Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan will not be able to do business with EXMO.com. The company has changed its user agreement to reflect this. As of April 15, 2022, the Russian ruble pair has been disabled on the site.

In addition to withdrawing from the Russian and Belarusian markets, EXMO.com said its Russian UBO, Eduard Bark, will withdraw from the company and transfer its shares in response to one of its directors, Serhii Zhdanov.




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