Finland Planned to Donate Confiscated Bitcoin to Ukraine

By    5 May,2022

As crypto-related companies, individuals, and governments contributed donations in bitcoin and altcoins to the occupied country, digital assets have also played an important role in the battle. According to reports, Finland will provide the most recent such assistance.

Over the years, the country’s ruling authority has launched various operations against drug lords, traffickers, and other criminals. As a result, over $77 million in bitcoin was seized, and the government is willing to contribute a percentage of that sum to Ukraine.

“Of course, no universal money is earmarked that way. But here, as if mentally, this money from bitcoins is earmarked so that it can be used to support Ukraine,” a government official stated.

The plan had been explored earlier this year, according to the coverage. The authorities even sought the confirmation of Finland’s President, Sauli Niinistö.




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