Forta, a blockchain security firm, has launched a native token

By    17 Jun,2022

Forta, a blockchain security business, launched a native currency, FORT, as an incentive to secure the network. With a $23 million financing headed by Andreessen Horowitz, Forta was formed from blockchain security firm OpenZeppelin late last year.


Pre-deployment inspections and post-deployment runtime security, which includes real-time monitoring, are the two primary categories of smart contract security. Forta falls into the latter type, including incident and emergency response capabilities.

“I think a perfect parallel for Forta is a massive Web 3 security camera and alarm system.” But we’re a decentralized security camera and alarm system,” Forta’s principal ecosystem developer Andrew Beal explained in an interview.

The Forta network is made up of two parts: bots and nodes. Bots are bits of code written by developers to hunt for specific problems and send out alarms; they function as miniature, specialized surveillance cameras. Nodes are essentially pieces of software that execute bots against each block of transactions on the supported blockchains.




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