Polkadot price forecast: DOT/USD will rise in the next 24 hours

By    27 Jun,2022

Polkadot price research indicates that the bulls have retaken control and are seeking to push prices higher in the near future. Since yesterday, the market has been positive, with prices climbing from $7.82 to $8.46. However, the price movement is losing pace at this level, and some consolidation may occur in the near term. We expect the DOT/USD pair to resume its advance and target the $9.00 level once the market calms.


Support is seen at $7.82 levels on the downside. Prices could fall below $7.50 if they fall below these levels. For the next 24 hours, the outlook for DOT/USD is favorable. The bear attempted but failed to seize control. The bulls have taken control, and we expect prices to rise in the near term.

Polkadot price forecast for one day: The bulls continue to dominate as the DOT/USD price approaches $8.20.

According to the Daily Polkadot price research, the price has climbed by 5.48 percent since yesterday. The digital currency is currently trading at $8.20 after beginning the day at $7.82. During the day, the DOT/USD pair has reached a top of $8.46 and a low of $7.82. The market is now bullish, with $364 million in trading volume in the last 24 hours. DOT’s total market capitalization is presently $8,108,444,242, ranking it 18th in the world.




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