Cardano has successfully launched the Vasil upgrade on the testnet

By    6 Jul,2022

IOG has successfully hard-forked the Cardano testnet ahead of the Vasil update, which is intended to improve scalability and performance on the mainnet.


Cardano (ADA) has successfully hard forked its testnet in preparation for the planned Vasil upgrade. The new development offers increased network scalability and performance.

Input-Output Global (IOG), the tech firm behind Cardano, issued the latest statement on July 3: IOHK (rebranded to IOG) now invites developers, exchanges, and stake pool operators to begin their projects on the testnet. As a result, any essential changes will be detected earlier, before Vasil becomes a reality on the mainnet.

Vasil is now available on the Cardano testnet.

Notably, one of the key aspects of Cardano’s Basho phase is the Vasil hard fork. The latter is the fourth in a sequence of five building eras for the network. The preceding three were concerned with the foundation (Byron), decentralization (Shelley), and smart contracts (Goguen), respectively, but Basho’s goal is scalability.




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