Ripio, an Argentine cryptocurrency exchange, will launch an Ethereum sidechain and a Web3 wallet

By    12 Jul,2022

What doesn’t kill you strengthens you. As the crypto cold strikes hard, some crypto businesses are focusing on survival, while others are focusing on growth.


Ripio, a Latin American exchange, claims it is extending its operations and increasing connection with cryptocurrency fans, including novices and specialists.

To that purpose, it has launched several efforts, including a book, a Web3 and metaverse wallet, and its own sidechain, Ripio Chain.

Ripio is a major cryptocurrency platform in the Latin American region. Since its inception in Argentina in 2013, the exchange has grown to service over 3 million users in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, and Uruguay, as well as Spain.

‘Access the metaverse quickly’

Ripio CBO Juan Jose Mendez said during a seminar at the Konex Cultural Center in Argentina that the company was working on making it easier for consumers to trade cryptocurrencies and tokens related with the metaverse and other Web3 applications.

“A new Web3 wallet complements Ripio’s wallet platform.” “As a tool, it allows you to easily access the metaverse,” Mendez explained, adding, “the product’s purpose is to speed entry into a new stage in the crypto economy, including popular digital collectibles or NFTs, play-to-earn games, DeFi protocols, digital art markets, and others.”




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