The last seven days have seen a 150 percent rally for Lido DAO; here are several possible causes

By    19 Jul,2022

Following a 200 percent increase in value over the previous seven days, Lido DAO surpasses the other top 100 digital assets by market capitalization as the most profitable cryptocurrency. The principal driver of the increase is the introduction of Ethereum 2.0 and the advantages Lido will get from it.


LDO experienced a 25% increase on the day of the announcement due to its use as a governance token at Lido, which has 4.1 million ETH locked in a staking contract. Recently, Ethereum developers announced that the Merge update is anticipated on September 19. This news immediately caused a surge in LDO prices.

In addition to the price rise, there was a significant increase in the amount of Ether placed via the Lido platform in the staking contract. This is primarily because investors now have access to the precise release date.

Crypto firm founded by Adam Neumann delays token launch


Adam Neumann, the creator of WeWork, delayed the release of his cryptocurrency project Flowcarbon’s products and slowed activities as a result of market conditions.

Co-founder Dana Gibber stated that the business has chosen to hold off on product launches until markets have stabilized. From a high of more than $60,000 in November, bitcoin has fallen below $20,000 due to recent market turmoil.

A business called Flowcarbon mixes cryptocurrencies and carbon credits to produce tokens that owners can burn to offset pollution. The Goddess Nature Token is the name of this token (GNT). This token’s launch had been scheduled for the end of June, however it has since been postponed indefinitely.

“We invest with a long-term view and remain very confident about the market,” said a16z partner Arianna Simpson, who handled an investment in Flowcarbon.

A16z conducted a regular equity round and a token sale to raise $70 million for Flowcarbon in May.

The announcement comes after additional token launch delays. In the midst of choppy market conditions earlier this week, cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX postponed the debut of its native token BMEX.



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