GrabPic, a brand-new NFT portal, has been launched by Bybit

By    17 Aug,2022

Bybit, the world’s third-most popular cryptocurrency exchange, has announced the launch of GrabPic, a brand-new specialized NFT platform. Bybit customers can use this portal to purchase cutting-edge NFTs at competitive costs without incurring a gas fee and then resell them on the secondary market for a profit. This release demonstrates that Bybit has developed yet another innovative product in response to consumer demands. Bybit offers a range of projects through its GrabPic platform, including NFT projects, GameFi projects, Metaverse projects, and many more.


NFTs from GrabPic Portal that are both unique and affordable

These projects, which are only available through Bybit, are of exceptional quality. GrabPic is a Bybit NFT Marketplace specialized portal. It allows creatives and artists interested in the NFT field to enter with the fewest technological barriers. It also serves a specific market by showcasing one-of-a-kind and moderately priced NFT paintings. GrabPic seeks to give those who find the present options on both the collector and creator sides insufficient access to the NFT experience. GrabPic, Bybit’s new NFT platform, is currently operational. GrabPic wants to gradually roll out a variety of new features over the next months. These features will allow NFT traders to gain cash while also providing delightful and fulfilling experiences. 

GrabPic begins with two PFP NFT jobs and two Zero to Hero guidance NFTs. During the service’s launch, GrabPic offers exclusive non-fungible tokens (NFTs) from Zero to Hero, Mamo, wtf, and SIMP to increase community interest.



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