What Is Vita Inu (VINU) And Why Has The Meme Coin Increased By 80% In The Last 24 Hours?

By    30 Aug,2022

Vita Inu (VINU), one of the top-performing meme currencies this week, is dominating the news.


The Vita Inu meme coin has increased by about 200%.

As of this writing, the price of the coin has increased by 3.13%.

Vita Inu is approaching overbought territory.

Since the beginning of August, the value of the Vita Inu meme has increased by about 200%, and this appears to be the path it will go in the future.

Meme coins, which compete with conventional cryptocurrencies, have recently surged to the top of the list of top ten market values. Meme coins are influenced by popular social media jokes, puns, and sarcasm.

Mainstream crypto has developed specialized technology to increase commerce and transactions in the crypto sphere. Meme currencies are community-driven and community-oriented coins that lack fundamentals.

They offer a cheerful manner of expression that Millennials and Generation Z people may identify with.

VINU’s popularity skyrockets

Vita Inu has increased by 80% in the previous 24 hours, according to CoinMarketCap. As of this writing, VINU is trading at $0.00000002134.

Meanwhile, despite being removed from the top ten cryptos, the popularity of Vita Inu has suddenly soared. Despite the recent sharp surge, buyers remain skeptical about VINU.

However, experts believe that this particular impulse wave is overstretched, signaling that things went a little too quickly and that a price correction is now in order.




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