The airdrop for Safe tokens has begun, with 43,000 users eligible for a reward

By    29 Sep,2022

Safe, formerly Gnosis Safe, a decentralized crypto custodian, has announced the launch of its SAFE token airdrop, with over 43,000 people eligible to receive the tokens.


The airdrop is part of the debut of SafeDAO, the decentralized autonomous organization that arose following the rebranding of Gnosis Safe to Safe. Eligible users have until December 27, 2022, at 12:00 a.m. CET to claim their SAFE tokens. The tokens can be claimed via the Safe mobile and web apps.

The airdrop represents around 18% of the SAFE token supply of one billion tokens. The remaining tokens will go to core contributors, backers, ecosystem guardians, and GnosisDAO.

SAFE coin holders will now be able to vote on SafeDAO. Token holders can also delegate voting power on governance DAO governance issues to guardians whose interests correspond with theirs.

“We are excited to finally hand over the ownership of Safe to the community through the Safe token and SafeDAO,” said Safe co-founder Lukas Schor, adding, “As a public good and fundamental infrastructure for web3, we know that only decentralized governance can guarantee the long-term neutrality of the project.”

The DAO conducted a community competition to get rid of sybil airdrop hunters, who interact with projects simply to claim future airdrops. They accomplish this by generating a large number of wallet addresses that make a single transaction on these projects in order to qualify for any future retroactive airdrop. These airdrop hunters frequently sell the tokens as soon as they receive them, causing the coin’s price to fall. SafeDAO announced the removal of over 12,000 addresses associated with sybil airdrop hunters, resulting in the saving of 2.9 million SAFE tokens.



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