Floki Inu Starts a Petition to Have FLOKI Listed on Binance

By    25 Oct,2022

FLOKI’s competitor ripped through Amazon with “massive potential.”

Other popular meme coins, unlike Floki, have adopted the strategy of gradually burning their circulating supply in an attempt to raise their exchange prices. SHIB and BabyDoge, in particular, have been actively burning this year, with the SHIB army beginning to move meme coins to dead wallets in October.

Shib Super Store, one of the most active SHIB burn initiatives led by game developer and entrepreneur Travis Johnson, is using the Amazon affiliate program as one of the tools to eliminate the SHIB circulating supply.

In a recent tweet, he stated that Amazon has the ability to allow him to burn Shiba Inu. Johnson purchases SHIB with Amazon commissions as well as advertising profits from his mobile phone games, YouTube channel, and other affiliate programs.

The SHIB burn rate has increased by 584%.

However, despite the combined efforts of multiple burn initiatives, the price of Shiba Inu has not been affected thus far. Out of the total supply of one quadrillion meme coins, SHIB fans have removed 410,382,016,984,249 SHIB from circulation.

According to Shibburn tracker, a total of 50,802,530 Shiba Inu were removed in six transfers over the last 24 hours. This increased the overall burn rate by 584 percent. In total, 395,803,998 SHIB were transferred to unspendable wallets in the last week.




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