Dogecoin has increased by 6% in the last 24 hours. Can DOGE keep its all-green aura?

By    14 Nov,2022

Dogecoin initiated a rally earlier today, allowing it to rise by 6% in just 24 hours, peaking at $0.127.


However, as the hours passed, DOGE lost some of its traction, and it is now trading at $0.122, according to Coingecko tracking.

Here’s an overview of the meme coin’s performance:

Over the last two weeks, Dogecoin has increased by more than 100%.

DOGE might reach $0.17 if it can break through the $0.14 barrier. The altcoin may also return to its freshly formed support zone of $0.111.

It is currently riding high from its recent gains, with a 105.8% price increase in the last two weeks. Its month-to-date performance has been outstanding, with a 93.7% price pump.

It appears like Dogecoin is still profiting from the huge levels of interest generated by Elon Musk’s completed Twitter purchase.

Its community, on the other hand, may soon have plenty of reasons to be angry at the “Dogefather” and his social media platform, as rumors circulate about Twitter’s plans to halt crypto wallet and integration-related projects.

Still, as of now, such unconfirmed development cannot dampen the altcoin’s rally. Indeed, technical indicators point to another upswing trend for the crypto field’s “top dog.”




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