The investor who successfully predicted that FTX would collapse: This stock has huge potential

By    26 Nov,2022

Marc Cohodes, who predicted the collapse of the FTX exchange, recently said in an interview that he is highly bullish on (NASDAQ:OSTK), an e-commerce company focused on inventory products.


He said that's two competitors, Wayfair (NYSE:W) and Helen of Troy Ltd (NASDAQ:HELE), are overleveraged. As the economy weakens and debt-ridden Wayfair and Helen of Troy pull back,, which has little debt load, is expected to expand its market segmentation. As a result, Marc Cohodes is also short Wayfair and Helen of Troy.

Marc Cohodes also believes that has the potential to be acquired. He notes that has a market cap of just $1 billion, and doesn't rule out the possibility that a large company like Target (NYSE:TGT) will buy Overstock's discount retail business outright someday.

In addition to Overstock's discount retail business, Marc Cohodes is also very bullish on Overstock's tZERO business, despite signs of a slowdown.

Marc Cohodes believes that some investors may be turning their attention to tZERO as cryptocurrency trading company FTX loses investor confidence. tZERO is a subsidiary of Overstock and a platform designed to help people issue NFLs, pass-throughs/tokens (Tokens).

Earlier this year, former Intercontinental Exchange (NYSE:ICE) executive David Goone took over as CEO of tZERO. in response, Marc Cohodes noted that David Goone gave up his $5 million annual salary at ICE in exchange for compensation consisting mostly of equity in tZERO, which has also become a significant small shareholder.

Marc Cohodes believes tZERO itself could be worth $5 to $15 billion.



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