As Dogcoin Hits 17-Month BTC High, Bitcoin Resistance Rises Ahead of FOMC

By    15 Dec,2022

"The bulls stepped in at the right time to defend the support zone," he tweeted alongside an illustrative chart.

    "The question now is whether we go up from here or down to remove liquidity lows and then up again."

According to Coinglass, bitcoin closed the month at about $20,500, up slightly from the 5.6% gains seen in September and October.

Bitcoin Resistance Rises Ahead of FOMC as Dogcoin Hits 17-Month BTC High

DOGE Parts Ways with Ongoing Bull Market

The main story of the day focused on the Bitcoin range of cottage coins.

Continuing to be buoyed by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Dogecoin rose further on the day, reaching its highest level in dollar terms since late April and its highest level in BTC terms since June 2021.

"At this point, a test of the $0.17 EQ level seems inevitable," Crypto Tony predicted in a separate analysis.

    "No doubt we will continue to see more Governor tweets from the master himself, Elon Musk."

Others were less convinced, with fellow popular trader Anbessa warning of increased DOGE exposure at current levels.




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