With the AI boom, what are the undiscovered treasures in the Web3 space?

By    26 Dec,2022

The screenshots of chatting with ChatGPT, an AI pre-trained language model, have been the most popular among the community in the past two days, and we can't help but feel the evolution of ChatGPT between you and me, and we can't help but sigh that AI is really smart, which in turn has led to discussions on what innovations AI will bring to the crypto field.


When AI is combined with crypto, it can be said to be the newest and the next new field to explode the crypto market. This year, many Web3 AI platforms have completed large financing, and the financing has become the initial rating of the projects in the primary market to some extent.

This article collated the financing information of 20 platforms, except for 3 platforms did not disclose the specific financing amount and an investment commitment, the remaining 17 platforms raised a total of $305 million, of which the largest amount of financing is open source AI company Stability AI, completed $101 million in excess of the funding.

Metaverse Related

AI-powered avatar platform Inworld AI closed a $10 million round of funding on March 4, led by Bitkraft Ventures with participation from The Venture Reality Fund and angel investors including Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin, Animoca Brands co-founder Yat Siu, and Oculus co-founder Nate Mitchell. The funding round will be used to expand its team. The company plans to launch its creator platform later this year, which will provide integration with game engines and metaverse applications. inworld AI is designed to help other platforms build virtual characters with a high degree of configurability to create more engaging and memorable user experiences. The platform closed a $7 million seed funding round in November 2021.

In addition, Inworld AI closed a $50 million Series A round of funding on August 23rd led by Intel Capital and Section 32, and led by Founders Fund, Accelerator Investments LLC, First Spark Ventures, Kleiner Perkins, BITKRAFT Ventures, CRV, Microsoft M12 Fund, Micron Ventures, LG Technology Ventures, LG Technology Ventures, and Microsoft M12 Fund. Inworld, which uses AI to build generative characters for games, metaverse and business applications, has raised a total of approximately $70 million in funding since Inworld's inception in July 2021.

Altered State Machine (ASM) aims to create a platform that applies artificial intelligence (AI) to metaverse, and ASM's machine learning protocols currently power the AIFA consortium and FLUF World.

Mirror World, an AI-powered chain game project, closed an over $4 million seed funding round on March 11, led by Galaxy Interactive, Republic and Alameda Research, with participation from YGG SEA, Avocado Guild, Mirana Ventures, Inifinity Ventures Crypto, OKX Blockdream Ventures, and Sky9 Capital. The round will be used to expand initial game features and enhance community functionality and membership benefits. mirror World has launched Mirror NFT Mirror NFT, an interactive NFT that circulates games across Mirror World's full platform, in September 2021 and expects to launch three asset-interoperable games this year.




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