Rampant hacking Cryptocurrency insecurity DeFi is the worst hit

By    12 Jan,2022

After the incident, Poly Network hackers had transferred nearly $100 million in DAI and USDC to the Curve stable coin pool, while transferring nearly $120 million worth of BUSD and USDC from the Coinan smart chain to the Curve fork project Ellipsis Finance.

After an overnight fermentation, on the morning of August 11, the hacker indicated through the on-chain transaction memo that he was ready to return the stolen assets, but wanted Poly Network to provide a multi-signature wallet because he could not contact Poly Network's project side.

Poly Network told Blockchain Daily that it had provided the hacker with a multi-signature wallet address and that the hacker was currently returning the assets. As of 17:04 on August 11, the hacker has returned 1.01 million USDCs.

Cross-chain protocol attacks are frequent

Public information shows that Poly Network is a heterogeneous cross-chain protocol launched by Neo, Ontology and Switcheo, with Distribution Technology as its technology provider. The main network of the protocol was launched in August 2020 and has supported interoperability of 11 mainstream heterogeneous blockchains including Bitcoin, Ether, Neo, Ontology, Heco, BSC, OKExChain, Polygon, etc. The number of addresses using the service is nearly 200,000.



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