Rampant hacking Cryptocurrency insecurity DeFi is the worst hit

By    12 Jan,2022

Two voices have emerged in the market regarding the cause of this attack on Poly Network.

Security firm BlockSec released an analysis report saying that the reason for the attack could be that the private key used for cross-chain signing was leaked, or that there was a logic flaw in the signing process that led to the signing out of the attacked transaction.

However, another security company, Slow Fog Technology, analyzed that the attacker modified the address specified by the keeper for the attacker in the ethereum cross-chain contract through carefully constructed data, not due to the leak of the keeper's private key.

Poly Network retweeted Slow Fog Technology's analysis report on its official Twitter account, and the market generally agrees with the latter's statement.

The Blockchain Daily reporter noted that recent attacks against cross-chain operating protocols have been frequent.



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