The head brokerage firms also acted to regulate the virtual currency "mining"! Red-headed documents on mining explicitly prohibited, mining is facing strong global regulation

By    4 Mar,2022

Recently, Guotai Junan Securities issued an internal document, strictly prohibiting the group's employees from participating in any form of virtual currency "mining" activities. According to the reporter's understanding, Guotai Junan prohibits employees from "mining" mainly to implement the requirements of the Shanghai State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission to regulate virtual currency "mining" activities of state-owned enterprises.

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In September 2021, the Development and Reform Commission and other departments issued a document to regulate virtual currency "mining" activities, and included it in the "elimination category" of industry. 2021 November, the Development and Reform Commission stressed the strict investigation of state-owned units "mining" activities. In November 2021, the Development and Reform Commission emphasized strict investigation of "mining" activities of state-owned units. According to a comprehensive survey in Jiangsu province, about 21% of party and government organs, universities and enterprises were invaded and used to carry out virtual currency "mining" activities.



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