Dogcoin Army celebrates DOGE Day; here are the highs the coin has reached in the last year

By    22 Apr,2022

Elon Musk officially revealed in July that he holds dogcoin (though he didn't specify how much), as well as bitcoin and ethereum. He claims in 2022 that he will not sell his cryptocurrency.

Musk claimed in January that DOGE would be accepted by Tesla for specific products, and dogcoin was later found in the source code of the SpaceX website.

Using Twitter, Doge almost missed adoption.

Dogecoin has now been endorsed by American movie theater chain AMC through its mobile app, Dogecoin developers have released the first roadmap in the project's history, and Elon Musk has tried to accept DOGE as payment for Twitter Blue membership services.

This happened after the billionaire announced his 9.2% stake in Twitter and was invited to join the board of directors, then offered to buy all his Twitter shares for $41 billion to take the company private in cash.

DOGE's endorsement by Porsch e Towson, the exclusive Porsche dealer in Baltimore, is one of the most recent cases of adoption.

In terms of the token's price, it has only temporarily recovered that level a few times - in August and September of last year - after falling below $0.3 on June 16.

Dogcoin has risen more than 4% in the last 24 hours. At the time of writing, it was trading at $0.1458.




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